Trust is a legal arrangement where one or a group of people are made responsible for the benefit of another person or a group of people. The assets are set up in a trust by a settler, administered by trustees and benefiters are known as beneficiaries. Astorts help you in setting up these trusts, managing them and making sure that your interests are properly served. Assets held in a trust and are released at a desired time. For instance, the desired time can be linked with someone turning 18 and when one reaches that age, the assets held in the trust will be released.

Why you should set up a trust?
Many a people are not well aware of how trusts work and what they can gain by setting one up. The main reasons for that are lack of understanding of the subject and insufficient information about the benefits of going with it. Astorts guides and helps you with all stages of setting and managing a trust. We, with our team of qualified experts, suggest you a custom solution that best works for your circumstances. Here are a few reasons that why you should be settling a trust:

Flexibility with assets:
Trusts allow you to have much more flexibility while dealing with your assets. For instance, a father wants to inherit his property to his children, but is not sure about how they are going to manage them if they are too young, can set up a trust and restrict the transfer of assets till the time they turn twenty-one. Similarly, if someone feels that their heir is not great with spending and dealing money, they can set a trust that can assure a gradual income for the beneficiary. So, trusts give you a lot of options to play with, to match your needs. Get in contact with us to make sure that you are managing your assets the right way. We are just a call away.

Saving Inheritance tax:

When settler (the person who originally owned assets) passes away, and his assets are in a trust, the assets in the trust will not be subjected to any kind of inheritance tax.

There are various other benefits that one receives implicitly, given that their trust is set up and managed in a way that best suits their condition. It depends on what you have and what you really want out of it. Astorts offers you various different options to go with, and suggests you the best route to follow to extract the maximum out of it. To get what you really want, reach us and let us take the care of your assets.