The Independent State of Samoa is a politically stable democracy located in the central South Pacific, to the west of the International Date Line. Formerly known as Western Samoa, the country has been known as Samoa since 1997. It is comprised of 2 main islands and several smaller islands.

Status – Samoa is an independent and sovereign state since 1962. The legal system of Samoa is based on the main principles of English common law.

Capital – Apia

Official languages – Samoan, English

Currency – Tala (WST)

Taxation – There are zero taxes for all Samoan-based international offshore companies.

Advantages of setting up a company in Samoa.

Samoa is close to the developed country markets of Australia and New Zealand. The Samoan population of approximately 200,000 people includes people of Samoan, other Pacific islands, Chinese and European origin. English language is widely spoken across business and government.

Samoa’s economy is based on agriculture, tourism, external remittances and fisheries. It has been held up as an example in the Pacific region for its public sector and economic reforms and its medium term economic prospects. Samoa’s transport infrastructure is well-developed (including air and shipping services). Its telecommunications infrastructure has international connectivity via a submarine fibre cable and 2 advanced mobile phone networks.

Among the other advantages of setting up a company in Samoa are the following: Samoa is not on any OECD or FATF black list, strong asset protection legislation, confidentiality guaranteed, no annual reporting or auditing requirements, no accounting requirements, zero taxes and reasonable low yearly fees.

Samoa jurisdiction is mostly chosen for the following aims: holding companies, international holding companies, international trading, asset protection.